Increased efficiency through multichannel communication

Make your communication more far-reaching and personal. And simplify and support your operational processes. All possible thanks to the solutions provided by AddComm for multichannel communication.

Take the pressure off your operational set-up

Multichannel communication can be of great benefit to your operational structure. Because multichannel communication means personal communication, i.e. via the channel and at the time that best suits your customer. When your organisation's communication runs more smoothly, your contact with your customers will do so as well. Your message will stay in the mind a lot longer and achieve the desired effect a lot faster. This can help take the pressure off your operational set-up.

Structure the flow of documents

With DocMinds AddComm offers a versatile solution for digitalisation of even the most complex of document flows. Using one system and via all distribution channels: physically via print & mail, and digitally via e-mail, SMS, fax and the web. DocMinds can provide the operational processes within your organisation with optimal support for tailor-made communication.

Speed up the overdue payment process

Streamline your invoicing and customer payment with EZ-Bill: the multichannel approach via paper invoices and bank transfers and Digital Invoice and DigiAccept. This will help make all your payment processes faster and more transparent. A powerful instrument for debtor management.