What are the possibilities multichannel communication can offer you in terms of marketing?

Multichannel communication opens up a world of new possibilities in terms of marketing. AddComm would like to list them here below for you.

Create greater impact

Multichannel communication is personal. Whichever channel you choose to use, personalised communication always attracts more attention and stays in the mind a lot longer than an impersonal message.

Increase your returns

Some people prefer to receive e-mails, while others prefer a text message or a printed folder. Multichannel communication allows you to adjust the content, timing and distribution channel to your various target groups. Everyone receives their own message, via their own preferred medium. With multichannel communication you can greatly increase the attention value and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Shorten the time to market

With our innovative service Web2Connect you can send impressive, personalised mailings via the post, e-mail, SMS, webpages or via a combination of all of these. All within a matter of minutes and from the comfort of your own office. Direct Marketing has never been so direct.

Making the most of your contact moments

Even sending invoices or reminders opens up possibilities for you. Thanks to multichannel communication you can also make the most of these contact moments. Using flexible solutions like Print & Mail, EZ-Bill and DigiAccept it is easy to add your marketing message. With Multichannel communication every medium becomes a marketing channel.